Mokilese Bible

Language: [mkj]MwoakilloaMokilese
Title:Mokilese BibleMokilese Bible
Abbreviation:ID: MKJMOK or mkj
Copyright © 2019 Mokilese Bible Translation Committee
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Matthew and Mark in the Mokilese language of Micronesia

Doar rapahki mijkoalkoal Wein Nehnloannge apel Ah pwung, a mehpwiai ohroj nen liklikkoang kamwai.

—Matthew 6:33

Pwa ioar uhwen Koahs ah ipwilki jampah, ma Ih kadarkihdo Nah Iehroj, pwa ma emen ma kin pwojonla Ih en joah joaloangla, a en anki mour joahsuk.

—John 3:16

Pwa kisai kidal pwa irai kan ma ipwilki Koahs apel poangpoangdohng Ah koajoandi, irai kin oaloa kemwehuparai jang ipoa in joang ohroj.

—Romans 8:28

Mokilese Bible

Matthew and Mark in the Mokilese language of Micronesia

Copyright © 2019 Mokilese Bible Translation Committee
Language: Mwoakilloa (Mokilese)

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