The Holy Bible for the Federated States of Micronesia

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Aboriginal EnglishPlain English VersionPlain English Version
ChuukesePaipelChuukese Bible
EnglishAmerican Standard Version (1901)American Standard Version (1901)
EnglishBible in Basic EnglishBible in Basic English
EnglishBrenton Septuagint TranslationBrenton English Septuagint
EnglishDarby TranslationDarby Translation
EnglishDouay-Rheims 1899Douay-Rheims 1899
EnglishEnglish Majority Text VersionEnglish Majority Text Version
EnglishFree Bible VersionFree Bible Version
EnglishGeneva Bible 1599Geneva Bible 1599
EnglishGeorge Noyes BibleNoyes Bible
EnglishGod's Living WordGod's Living Word
EnglishIsaac Leeser TanakhLeeser Tanakh
EnglishJPS TaNaKH 1917JPS TaNaKH 1917
EnglishKing James (Authorized) VersionKing James Version
EnglishKing James Version + ApocryphaKing James Version + Apocrypha
EnglishKJV Cambridge Paragraph BibleKJV Cambridge Paragraph
EnglishLXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012LXX2012 U. S. English
EnglishLXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012British English Septuagint 2012
EnglishNoah Webster BibleWebster Bible
EnglishNyangumarta English BibleNyangumarta English Bible
EnglishOne Unity Resource BibleOne Unity Resource Bible
EnglishOpen English Bible (Commonwealth Spelling)Open English Bible (Commonwealth)
EnglishOpen English Bible (U. S. spelling)Open English Bible (US)
EnglishRevised Version with Apocrypha (1895)Revised Version
EnglishTargum Onkelos EtheridgeTargum Onkelos Etheridge
EnglishThe New Testament with CommentaryFamily 35 NT
EnglishTranslation for TranslatorsTranslation for Translators
EnglishTyndale New TestamentTyndale NT
EnglishUnlocked Literal BibleUnlocked Literal Bible
EnglishUpdated Brenton English SeptuagintUpdated Brenton English Septuagint
EnglishWorld English BibleWorld English Bible
EnglishWorld English Bible (Catholic)World English Bible (Catholic)
EnglishWorld English Bible British EditionWorld English Bible British Edition
EnglishWorld English Bible British Edition with DeuterocanonWorld English Bible British Edition with Deuterocanon
EnglishWorld English Bible with DeuterocanonWorld English Bible with Deuterocanon
EnglishWorld Messianic BibleWorld Messianic Bible
EnglishWorld Messianic Bible British EditionWorld Messianic Bible British Edition
EnglishWycliffe's Bible with Modern SpellingEnglish: Wycliffe's Bible Modern Spelling (with Deuterocanon)
EnglishWycliffe's Bible with Modern Spelling (Enhanced)English: Wycliffe's Bible Modern Spelling (Enhanced) (with Deuterocanon)
ENGLISHYoung's Literal TranslationYoung's Literal Translation
KapingamarangiBeebaa DabuKapingamarangi Bible
KosraeBIBLE MUTALKosraean Bible
Middle EnglishWycliffe BibleWycliffe Bible portions
MwoakilloaMokilese BibleMokilese Bible
PohnpeianKadede Kap Pjam AkanPohnpeian NT & Psalms, old alphabet
PohnpeianKadede Kap Psam AkanPohnpeian NT & Psalms, new alphabet
PohnpeianPohnpeian BiblePohnpeian Bible 2006
PohnpeianPohnpeian Bible with ApocryphaPohnpeian Bible with Apocrypha 2006
UlithianBogtag we ye TefoyUlithian NT

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